Bulk Sms

“98% of all text messages sent are read within 5 minutes”
Our bulk SMS System offers solutions for your organization’s needs

Simple to use

It has a simple user friendly interface and takes a few seconds to set up account

Need to send a long message?

Our system is able to send a message of more than 160 characters (1page) and is delivered as 1 page without breakdowns

Instant Delivery and Report

Pasha delivers your messages, however, many to any mobile network instantly and a delivery report in real time basis

Multiple Branch/Department Management

Do you have more than one departments or branches? The system allows you to create individual accounts for departments and branches.

Promote your brand name and increase visibility

Increase your brand visibility by sending your message under your name e.g ZUKU, RADIO_MARIA etc

Contacts Management

With PASHA, adding your contacts is easy and fast through importing them as excel files

Message Scheduling

We understand you are busy hence, our system enables you to compose the message and schedule when you want it delivered

Get Personal

Customize how you address your recipient e.g Niaje Brian,Hello Mrs.Kim as well as the message signature e.g Yours in Christ, Sincerely etc

Looking for a Quotation?

Our Solutions are for:

Schools can send:
Fees Balances

Get students’ fees balances delivered to parents’ phones

Upcoming Events

Notifications about important events in the school calendar

Term dates

Remind parents of prize giving, open and closing days

Chamas can now:
Call Urgent meetings

Notify many members at once of urgent meetings

Unite with each member

Communicate personal developments like a member’s hospitalization and let everyone feel appreciated

Maintain contact

Keep in touch with all your members with a simple SMS.

For churches, they can send:
Tithe reminders

Send reminders to members on when to pay tithes

Group tailored messages

The church is able to communicate with specific groups like youth via SMS

Project contribution

In partnership banks and MPESA, members get an immediate alert whenever their contribution is received.

Real estate managers can send:
Rent payment procedure alerts

Send SMS to your tenants’ mobile phone with details of how and where to pay

Rent due reminders

You are able to set the date, time & amount for the reminder

Notifications for vacancies

For Vacant and newly completed units, send alerts to your tenants’ friends and family for referrals

Bulk SMS notifies members of:
Workshops, trainings and exhibitions

Helping Saccos reduce advertising expenses.
SMS notification is more effective in reaching the target.

AGMs & other meetings

People are more likely to attend a meeting when reminded via SMS

Loan due reminders

Reduces the rate of default. And gives members peace of mind

Savings Alerts

Send a savings balance promptly after every transaction.

New offers

Be it a new product or a new partnership, let your members be the first to know.

Our Packages

  • Schools
  • SH 15,000
  • Messaging cost @ shs.1 per SMS
  • 10 initial SMS units
  • Branded Sender ID to your outgoing SMS i.e LENANA_SCHOOL
  • Training
  • Support
  • Churches
  • SH 20,000
  • Messaging cost @ shs.1 per SMS
  • 6000 initial SMS units
  • Branded Sender ID to your outgoing SMS i.e MWEA_PARISH
  • Training
  • Support
  • Corporates
  • SH 25,000
  • Messaging cost @ shs.1 per SMS
  • 6000 initial SMS units
  • Branded Sender ID to your outgoing SMS i.e
  • Training
  • Support
  • Politicians
  • SH 32,000
  • Messaging cost @ shs.1 per SMS
  • 6000 initial SMS units
  • Branded Sender ID to your outgoing SMS i.e HON_WALTER
  • Training
  • Support


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